Cape Town Marathon

Cape Town Marathon

Before we left for the 2019 NYM the Achilles team would meet at the airport for the first time. Ange and I walk to the table and introduce ourselves. As usual my first words (which will stay between the team and our amazing caregivers) are extremely embarrassing. Not for me as I always say the most inappropriate things to whomever is before me mostly to those that I meet for the first time. As I was taught by my first Occupational Therapist-“Bevan that is for your private gallery stop, think, talk.”

The first person we meet is Liz she is Marks better half I don’t see Mark he stays seated. Liz Stands to greet us hi says Ange and introduces herself I think my first words are jeez…… after my comment I follow with i’m so sorry. Well the rest is history, I am lucky Mark stayed seated as I think he would have given me a good lesson a while later he greets us oh he says I am Liz’s husband.

Mark, Liz, Ange, myself, Hein his son and Braam would stay together in New York. Mark and I become good friends. Yesterday I call mark after a text from him asking how I am. I ask him if he will join me in Cape Town for the marathon. Of course he says get the details and let me know I tell him I am trying but each day I forget. An hour goes by I have done nothing my invitation to Mark has been stolen from me and taken to the abyss.

Beep a text message its Mark have you done it yet, a few minutes later beep have you done it yet. Minutes later again and again until I have found out all I can. I then text Mark back I have taken the first step I have found out the important details. You can enter wheelchair runner can enter.

My memory is sometimes so bad but on that day Mark would not give up. Thank you Mark if you did not persist in texting me today I would have done nothing. Get your arms strong we going to Cape Town. Winner, winner chicken dinner.

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