Two in the Morning


Suddenly I wake up its pitch black outside and it is quiet-very quiet. I know exactly what time it is I know this because I have been here many times before. I should be fast asleep but I am not this is just fine I love the still of the dark night in any way.

Once I escaped from the darkness of a coma I wouldn’t sleep for many years after. When I say wouldn’t I did sleep but I used to sleep in ten or twenty minute intervals. Sleep a few minutes awake a few hours. Last year was the first time I started to kind of get a full night’s sleep. I slept through the night but for some reason at about two in the morning I would wake. I wake up raid the fridge and fiddle around the house.

Tonight I wake before I look at my cell I tell myself don’t even look its two in the morning but I do in any way. I turn the phone on and to my surprise I am wrong it is not two in the morning the clock on my cell screams out brightly its face shows me the time-02:10.

I wonder why at two in the morning I wake up was it this time that I first woke from my coma or was it this time that the paramedics brought me back to life for the first time. I know Ange talks about the time when the paramedics got to me she says it was two in the morning. That was the first time of many that I was brought back to life.

Well what-ever it is I know that at this time I am up each night, there is one difference now I know soon I will quietly get back into bed and sleep for at least an hour trying my best to not wake Ange. I will try but I do know it most probably will not happen. In the darkness I really struggle with my balance so I play pinball. I am the silver ball and as I try get to my final destination I will bounce around from each object along my path to my side of the bed. Once I get to lay down Ange will say you “bounce, bounce, bounce”. Well I did try now I am tired and so at 3h40 I will get some more sleep.



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