What to do Today

What to do Today?

I woke this morning thinking what will today bring, what will I do today? I then walked outside to check on my veggies watch them grow for a while. As I sat next to my newly planted tomatoes Darth Vader crept up from behind and stabbed me right in the centre of my spine! Vader then walked to face me and then he spoke; MEEEEEOW he said he then rolled over and over before me.

One of our cats Darth Vader. He has a twin brother when we took them on they had other names. In fact after two weeks they had many, many names. Eventually I would call them the “Vader’s” easier for me, there is another story to their first names-Darth and Jeff. Their names come from the Lego death star canteen.

Back to what am I going to do today, last week I ran/walked fifty kilometres my goal is to do 42km each week which I know I will do. Today I am again not going to walk I have hurt my back and walking too much seems to irritate it. I walk each day as it is part of my day it keeps me busy and I really enjoy getting out to see where I eventually turn to head home.

My TBI is sometimes heavy for me to deal with but I deal with it I have my ways. Everybody has issues to deal with and most do deal with them. I will be in the group that will never give up there is plenty for me to do in anyway. I always look forward to opening a file on my laptop which is labelled-The Greatest Marathon in the World. This is the second book I will be publishing. I am going to get it done this year. If I regularly work on it I will get it done I just need to be in the right space in my head. That is a big problem though otherwise when I open the file tomorrow it will be delete, delete and delete.

If everything was perfect and glorious how will we celebrate overcoming a low point in our life? I do believe when we are strong and overcome a low point it gives us strength for the next obstacle we face and most times we do not even know of the obstacle. I love life and love each day even if I feel a bit shitty I get over it besides tomorrow I will overcome that hidden obstacle. I will overcome it because today I became stronger.


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