While You Were Asleep

While You Were Asleep

Sunday morning all is quiet and you are asleep I find myself talking, talking to you. I’m telling you stories of my night of all I did in the quiet of the night as I lay next to you wide awake. Once again I could not sleep its okay no sleep is a normal for me.

During my many hours of talking away to you about all my adventures and everything else I start to think… You spoke to me just as I am speaking to you now whilst you are sleeping. One big difference is you spoke continuously to me for over six weeks whilst I slept.

You told me stories about your day and about what you have been up to. You told me about the messages people had sent you and about your struggles. Mostly though you asked one thing of me that was to wake up. Please wake up babes you would say I miss you so much…please wake up.

I did wake and I know you were overjoyed even though I did not know who you were. When I woke I woke to a new world, well to me it was not a new world it was my world it was the only world I knew. I did not know of my accident or that I had just woken from a coma all I remember is seeing this amazing woman sitting right next to me. At the time I probably thought she is beautiful her husband is a lucky man.

Well on this day fourteen years ago we met and we fell in love and because of that amazing day I am still alive and very in love right now. Sleep well my love when you wake I will be right at your side as you were on the day that I woke.







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