Weekly Program…Huh?

Ange and i sit down and discuss how i will go about my day. What about a weekly program? This is a great idea i need structure in my week. We discuss Headway and Bio which are my two outings i try do in the week. I say try as there are many variables which prevent me doing these every week mostly transport to and from Headway. Ange or Nkosi my Taxify friend usually gets me there (if we have the moola) and i walk or catch a taxi back.

Bio is easy it is only fifteen km which i mostly walk at least ten km or so as i do not and cannot wait for taxis so i just walk. Headway is another story Ange will try get me there but work has other ideas and many times we are snookered and so i skip the day. The other problem is during Headway my battery runs flat and generally half way through i know that i should get going other wise i will not be able to safely walk back to Anges office (strait home is not on as the taxi route is not a good one and the walk is dangerous)

Anges office is also not the best place for me to sit and wait until her day draws to an end for obvious reasons even though i am always welcome there. I must say they do have the most amazing coffee machines so when Ange has meetings to attend to i attack them with a vengeance.

Mostly the issue is within and many days it is difficult for me to find the strength mentally. These are only two days in the week there are three others so a program is key to my sanity. Writing my second book which i would like to publish is going to be my anchor but writing has its lows for me which is me  sitting in one place for` longer than ten minutes. Usually on a quiet day i bounce around the room like nothing so part if my program will be walking.

My first goal is to walk 100 km each month, i started today and found that after my walk i was calmer and could write better my mind seemed to have been calmed. So a day after Ange’s great program idea i think we have a winner so far so good day one winner, winner chicken dinner.

Thanks once again my love you rock!

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