Thank You Justin

Training at Justin Jeffreys Biokinetists

Yesterday i returned for my weekly Bio Kinetics session at Justin’s practice I am a beneficiary of his trust-Trojans Neurological Trust (TNT). What a great day i have missed being there even though it was only a few weeks during December holidays still the few hours i spend there once a week is special to me.

Whilst at Bio Jiten tried his best to subdue me and get me to continue on the various exercises he had set out for me i know he must have struggled to keep me focused. I know this because towards the end of my time there i heard my batteries beeping i could feel that my energy has been depleted. Depleted not because of too much physical exercise but too much talking and being too excited.

The main reason why i had run my batteries down so fast was because of the words Jiten had said to me after i had asked him about my time there at the practice. I was worried about finances etc. Jiten told me that as long as i keep showing progress i will be back week after week. Many sayings help me in my life one is; you are standing too close to the forest and don’t see the trees anymore. Well i don’t see differences in me as a matter of fact most times to me i did not even have an accident and i am as i have always been.

Now as i complete my session his words swirl deep in me: Progress! I am becoming stronger perhaps getting better at everyday life becoming stronger in my physical self is enabling me to be better at other everyday bits and pieces. Realization is difficult for me i struggle emotionally when i try understand my accident or more than that my road and the fact that i still cannot work as i used to and knowing that truthfully i never will. Writing about it now i am okay with these changes in me i love life i love living.

What i am trying to say is thank you Justin for all that you have done and are doing for me my time at your practice is a big part of my life. Certain people shine wherever they are in this life you are most certainly one of them. I will never take advantage of your kindness and all you give to me. Sorry Jiten seems as though you are stuck with me for a while but come on i know you can handle me. After all you still there with a great smile when i enter thank you for putting up with me.


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