Highs and Funnies of 2019

Highs and funnies of 2019

Another year blows away like dust in the wind. Wow I can’t believe how time seems to just disappear as if stolen by the deep dark abyss. Ange and I had a great year there were many highs there were lows too but fewer than that of previous years for us.

One would think that the highlight of my year was me keeping to my word which I had given Denis by paying it forward and helping to get another TBI injured across the 2019 NYM.

Also on the top is Ange seeing and spending time with her brother. Visiting and staying with my good friend Grant and his family. Meeting another TBI survivor with Grant being able to chat with him and his parents I could give them some first-hand advice and some pointers on how to overcome this devastating injury.

Getting to the NYM this year was a struggle until an anonymous donor donated enough money we needed to make this possible.

My fiftieth was certainly a highlight having family and wonderful friends celebrate alongside me was truly special.

A real funny was Ange coming to tell me that I cannot lay in the middle of the complex road and tell people I am waiting to get run over. I was waiting for Mr Delivery in the evening when Ange saw numerous messages coming from the complex Watts up group asking if anyone knew who the man was lying in the road waiting to be run over.

Walking into Anges work as I enter the reception area a man asks if I am the one who he saw running down Rivonia road with my shirt off. I tell him and we laugh for a long time he tells me I have made his week!

Publishing my book is in my eyes a high of my life the feeling I get when I see it sitting on the table is difficult to explain.

Right on the top of my list is being told by our lawyers that my court date has been set for 2020. This will give me an income which will go towards relieving the pressure I place on my Anges shoulders.

So 2020 is here and I do know it is going to be a great year.

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