A Christmas Tale

A Christmas’s Tale

Christmas may be a story of something which happened a long, long time ago. I am not sure of the details but that does not matter. It doesn’t matter because this day is doing exactly what I think it should be doing sharing good spirit and bringing families together.

Today does so much more than just bring families together it releases a calming spirit through all of us which in turn has many, many other attributes. As we drive out the drive to now meet up with the entire family or be it a single family member which cannot drive. Perhaps that one person is stranded in some way or other on their own they now need some uplifting and somebody special to share the day with.

Before arriving at the destination you notice the roads are quiet there are little pedestrians and the staff at the local filling station is at the bare minimum. The few that are at work have chosen to be there they are working but for them today is a special day too they will receive many, many bonuses as the motorists fill up they hold a handful of coins out the window.

Happy, happy Christmas they say with a great smile  when today comes to an end and their shift is finished they will count up the coins which are now heavy and are exchanged for the many bills. Wow says the petrol attendant what a bonus I can now do something real special. He spent his day at work but it was worth it if he did spend his day at home he would in the first place not have brought in a single cent. Now he receives double pay and has received a full day’s pay and more in tips handed out freely by the motorists that themselves could not stay at home.

Where ever you may find yourself today is just fine even if you may be alone this is just fine too because you know it is Christmas and that it this tale has been around for centuries. There is a good vibe in the air and life is good as you are alive to feel it.

Happy, happy Christmas have a great day. Eat merry and have xmass.


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