Hi Dad

This morning i was up early 1 AM, sleep up 2 AM, sleep up 2: 30 AM and that was it no more sleep. I am usually up early in any way but today is different today i leave to visit my dad. I tried my best to lay in with Ange because i will not see her for a while so i snuck back into bed with her at about 6 ish. 7 Am back to the lounge to repack, recheck that everything is there. No doubt once i am at the farm i would in any way have forgotten half my goodies. I do have the most important my cell phone and my bag my good friend Anton gave me this will hold the couple of books i have left. I saw i had three but once opening them i noticed one is addressed to Nick so that will stay.

I will catch the bus from Oliver Tambo airport as i cannot drive. This is just fine as the mini bus will be full of foreigners which have flown in and will be heading up to one of the many luxury game lodgers. I too will be at a luxury lodge, nestled deep in the bush in the greater Kruger. It is not necessary  for me to go out on a game drive as when i wake i will walk a few steps from the lounge onto the stoep. I will sit on the bench with my dad and we will see the big five a few meters away stroll by to have a drink in the small drinking hole i constructed before my accident.

The farm is called Drakensig which sits some fifty kilometers away we see it as we sit on the bench. Part of the mountain range there sits my lion proud on his high ground (the locals have named this peak lions head). My lion helped get me through my testing time as i lay on the tar road moments from my end. Deep in my subconscious as i lay there at the base of the mountain range he spoke to me and told me this will be my greatest battle i will fight. I did fight and so now far away in the blue haze i see him sitting on his high ground. I will always see him as i sit with my dad at Drakensig.

So now as i leave you Ange enjoy the quiet time i know you so need this break. I will be back soon strong and hopefully quieter because i know that our farm helps me become stronger as i fight the silent injury. My TBI will not break me it is making me stronger and while i am there i can think about all the bad parts which brings you down.

I love you so very much

love Bevan.

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