Rain Rain Rain-Yay

Two days into constant rain over Johannesburg i call my dad i tell him it is still raining in Johannesburg. I know he says and it will carry on for many more. I guess that’s the benefits of watching the news each day i haven’t and wont watch news or read a news paper too much negative blah, blah, blah. I am quite sick of hearing about corruption for me it is quite a joke and will not change not in this lifetime.

So i see not much has changed in me for a while either i start with rain and in an instant i am talking about corruption oh well it is how it is. This morning asĀ  i sleep or more like as i lay in bed i hear the rain falling softly gently it falls. Later in the morning Ange wakes up it is now 9 am and still the rain falls. I love hearing the rain falling even if it is day four in how ever many there will be.

I walked to the shops yesterday and noticed the river is flowing steady but it is not bursting it’s banks just yet. I don’t think it will as the rain although in day four is gentle and soft. My garden is looking amazing thanks to the rain i have already made one batch of chilly sauce and i am sure there will be many more. I have noticed the many buds slowly turning into fruit. I can’t wait for the end of January now then i know i will have an over flow of fresh veggies. Instead of buying from the shops i will just pick from the garden.

The rain can carry on i love it the fresh drops bring life and settles the dust we need this in South Africa so i say enjoy it while it is here. The rivers are flowing and the stagnant waters are diminishing.

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