Never easy

Never Easy

One of the greatest things I have learned since my injury is how difficult it is to get support from people about an awareness campaign. People are just not interested or I wouldn’t say not interested it’s the support I am looking for. In truth I don’t really know why, I just know it is so hard to get support on a matter which does not really affect a person.

I have and never will never sit outside a PNP for instance and try to make people aware of what a TBI is. Perhaps I should do that I don’t or can’t work so by doing this it will take up some of my time. I just cannot see myself doing this ten minutes of this and there will be a call to Ange I will probably be crying.

‘I can’t anymore Ange’.

One day I was walking into the entrance at PNP when I noticed a group of ladies having lunch. I approached them to ask if they will support my campaign by buying a bracelet. Gee whiz I was told to move on I felt embarrassed this was so difficult for me never again will I do that.

I wrote my book about my life in the pages is a message that a person’s life can change in an instant without them even knowing it. All it takes is a bump to the head and your life changes months later they are a different person not knowing that they now live with a TBI.

I have sold fifty copies of my book so far for me this is an achievement. I have sold fifty but in truth I have given many away to people. I now I need to collect the money. The money is mostly an income for me but it is part of my awareness campaign. I don’t have the guts to now ask for money I guess my business skills are lacking.

Many books which are paid for come from people I hardly know. Once I approach them and show them my book they are interested and pay for it how much they ask? I now know if I do not personally approach whoever it may be and tell them of my campaign there will be no sales I guess it is that personal touch seeing me, them hearing my story then they are interested.

I do appreciate the support I have got from many which is amazing thank you to those that have bought my book. Now I need to swallow some cement and ask those that haven’t paid for the money. I hate asking for money but I have to.


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