A Big Thank You

Nicholas was the reason i would be running the New York Marathon i made a promise to Achilles international to get another TBI hero across the finish line he was the one reason we would be in NYC. Whilst there we could visit and see family and good friends. Before i begin posting blogs of the NYM and our journey for me to reach the finish line to wear the 2019 medal i would like to thank these people for their support and friendship.

Jason and Stacey for so many great evenings

Jacqui and Matt for the good evenings and allowing me to consume most of your coffee.

Mike and his family spoiled us but more than this was that Ange could hold her big brother again after all they have recently been through. Ange needed so much to be with her brother after the passing of Jules her dad. I saw her heart heal as she spent time with Mike.

My good friend Grant and his family-WOW. What you did for Ange and me will stay in my heart and my memories forever. You and your family gave us so much, so many special moments. Our next visit will be a short flight from Canada.

To a special young man who stood up after being knocked down by a TBI. You are brave and strong thank you Grant for introducing me to him and his family. I know that you will always be there for them. Please tell them from me that i saw and felt their strength and love for each other which has given me strength. I saw how strong he was to stand up after he fell and that as a family they are stronger than the invisible injury. A TBI will not break them it will bind them and surround them with great strength.

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