Leaving for New York City

Leaving for New York

This afternoon we shall head to the airport my good friend Nkosi will get us there safely. We will be there for a special event the New York Marathon wow! What a privilege for many reasons Ange can visit her cousin, see her friends but most of all she can see her brother Mike. For me it is not only that I run the NYM for the second time and I can visit my good friend Grant. Mostly that I have kept to my promise I had made to Denis-to get another TBI survivor to the NYM.

Nick and I have trained hard and we are ready to conquer the mountain which now lays before us. In one week we would have completed the marathon and most probably yes be tired and sore but we will be celebrating a victory with a Captain Morgan and coke. We will celebrate that we have done what many can’t and will never do.

For Nick and me it is not just completing the NYM but showing all that we are capable we are possible. We will not sit in a corner and cry how we were knocked down but we will stand up strong and proud to have survived this devastating injury. We are not disabled we are differently able and our journey is full of victories.

To all that have donated their hard earned cash and have pushed for us to get there thank you so very much. All those that did help us know that your donation is allowing me to further my dream in helping others that have fallen to stand up and fight harder-Bevan’s TBI awareness campaign.

My backabuddy account is still open and will further my campaign.


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