Why so Quiet

Why so Quiet

Today is Sunday I am up later than usual last night I did not sleep too well. Our two kitties don’t have food I was going to get yesterday but I forgot. Now Jeff Vader is head butting me to feed them he does this which is very strange. Oh well I will walk to the mall its only about five km or so i will get them their food. In anyway my cell phone tells me it is after nine so the shops will be open. I won’t wake Ange she needs her sleep I kiss her and say goodbye. There is a slight mumble as I kiss her so she cannot shout at me if she wakes and I am not there I will tell her I told her I said good bye.

As I walk outside all is quiet and the air is fresh. I get to Witkoppen road there are very few vehicles why? I do not think too much about the quietness but it is just fine I love the quiet. I get to the mall but there is no movement no people no shops are open huh I think why? I see a security guard and ask him why is this he tells me it is only 6 H 30 oh crap the time on my cell is set many hours to fast. Lol I just laugh to myself.

My broken brain has its issues this is just fine as I know this is my new normal. When there are times similar to this one I make a plan and get on with it. Today getting up early was a pleasure as it was quiet and the air was amazingly fresh. I also walked which I did not do yesterday a short walk as I am ready to conquer the NYM so all is good.

I am also eager to see what I get up to tomorrow life for me certainly has its surprises I love this. Tomorrow I will get up at whatever time and enjoy the day.

https://www.backabuddy.co.za/get-bevan-to-ny-marathon Your donation will be appreciated my backabuddy account is not only for the NYM it is also for my ‘Bevans TBI awareness campaign’ this will be for me to help others who have fallen to this most devastating injury.

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