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It did take a few years longer than initially expected but it is here now. My first book-I’m Possible. As I waited for the promise that the book will be here tomorrow that tomorrow took in my mind several weeks. Once I had my book in my hand I then breathed deeply it’s here at last I thought I can relax. A split second later I found myself once again out of breath holy crap I thought the book I now hold in my hand is MY book. The realism of this now hit me with a blow of thunderous proportions. Sitting there thinking how the heck could i have written a book?

The other day Ange called to see how I was doing  I am bored i say? Write babes she says you are now an author oh yes I say I can write so off I go to the table set up my laptop and I continue to write. I know this will be the second book I will publish it is about Nick and I completing the NYM. From TBI to NYM

I have started writing it but I had once again forgotten that I am indeed busy on my second. I say second but if I go into my folder named books there are eleven or so which I have started. Some have a few pages to them others are close to completion. Neither of them will have the privilege of getting printed just yet as they have other topics to them and right now there is only one topic on my mind. My TBI awareness campaign to show the world that a TBI is just an injury and to show all that although we carry the invisible injury we are not diseased. We should and will not sit in a corner and be treated any different than others.

Now when people ask me what do I do for a living? I will say well I do stay at home unlike you that must wake early in the morning to get to work-I am an author. I guess many people will think this guy has it easy he stays at home and just writes perhaps he has chosen an easy route and he is just lazy. They may think that but once I tell them about my story about how I fought off the grim reaper and stood up they may think differently. Well whatever they think it will not bother me.

Yesterday I walked down to the office to proudly show Jodi and… (forgotten her name now-sorry) my book they were happy for me they smiled and congratulated me on this great achievement. I then showed Jodi the bit about her and her name written on the page she was delighted. She was delighted but I was even more delighted and so proud of myself. You write well she said to me. Yee haa winner, winner chicken dinner not only am I an author but seem to be a good writer I am good at my job. I said to myself so now when people that do not know me ask what I do for a living I can proudly tell them I am an author.



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