Good to meet you Ray

Last night i receive a call from Corrie-my uncle. I have a surprise he says What you doing tomorrow let’s meet for lunch. Today at 2 pm Corrie and his wife Olga pick me up as they pull up i notice two other passengers. I get in and Corrie tells me with an amazing and bright smile-This is Angelina Ray’s wife Ray is my older brother…what your brother!

Corrie and i grew up together we are very close we know each other as brothers and i’m sure i know that he has only one other brother so what the …. is going on? I won’t go into the details the short story is Ray grew up with the parents he knew. His family immigrated to England as a youngster at twenty six he was told that he and his brother are adopted. Ray accepted this but left it alone these were his parents. Some twenty odd years later that news started buzzing around deep inside of him. A few years ago Ray discovered his biological mom lived in South Africa and that he had two other brothers.

Well the seed had now sprung to life and it needed to grow Ray had to get to South Africa. Yesterday he arrived with his beautiful wife Angelina and so i would meet another family member wow what a gift.

Ange and i watch a show of how lost family members are reunited we really enjoy seeing the moment they meet. Now i am part of that experience i don’t have to wonder how they feel deep down anymore i can feel it. Due to my injured brain i battle to feel those deep emotions this is just fine because everyone is enjoying the day and the catching up. As we sit enjoying a drink together( i did make everyone drink my favorite-pink GnT) we talk and talk discovering each other. As we talk i see the two brothers faces shining and happy this makes me happy.I am so excited i can’t stop with the questions but now the day is over and they must leave. This is just fine as i know i will see Ray again before he leaves to get home.

Well ray good to meet you i am glad you allowed that buzzing to be silent. I am excited to catch up with you before you leave i will try not to bombard you with a million questions but truthfully i know you will be. I wish the best for you and that your trip to South Africa is awesome.

I have a new uncle he, he.


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