New York New York

25 days time Ange and me will be sitting in the airport where i will meet the other athletes to take on the NYM! 25 days i cant believe it wow. I wonder what will be sparkling in my mind as we sit waiting to board. I wonder how Ange will feel, i know i will be super proud that she actually managed to get us back to NYC.

I know i will be feeling so privileged to be able to run the NYM for the second time. This time around it is different i am not testing my own ability i am paying it forward it will be a double challenge. Nick and myself shall run together through the five Burroughs of the big apple together we will conquer the 42.2 km.

When i heard Nick presenting a motivational speech i knew this is the man that can do the marathon it was an easy decision. Once i had asked him it took a while for the response i needed to hear. Now many months after that night we are ready we will not be breaking any records or flying through the marathon we will be taking it step by step block by block mile by mile. once we turn the corner right at the end of Central Park and see the stands erected with the crowds cheering we will know at the end of this vibrant road lays the end. There on the other side of the finish line a great medal will be held by another for the last time where they shall place it around our neck.

I do know we will be drenched in our own sweat and tears but it will be worth every step we have trained prior to the actual day. I also know his dad and sister will also be sore and tired but they will know that their job in getting us to the finish line would have been a success.

We can do this Nick you and i will conquer the great scary mountain that stood tall before us. We will reach the summit and we will show the world that a TBI cannot break us we will leave our mark.

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