My Journey Has Begun

My Journey Has Begun

Four years ago I miraculously walked out of hospital and stepped into a new life with a TBI. Not knowing how broken I truly was it took a few years to realise that I am no longer the man I knew. I say a few years but in truth many years as it is only recently that I accept the man I see standing before me in the mirror.

A brain injury is extremely difficult to overcome and to accept. I thought I had accepted my TBI but recently I have realised that for me to accept what this devastating injury did to me I had to become stronger. I have had to allow my brain to heal from the many injured areas which lie deep within it. I know that there are still many areas of my brain which have not and perhaps will never completely heal. The neuro surgeon said there is a section the size of a finger nail which does not and will not ever be active. A part of me which is there but will never work again well so be it, it is how it is I do know that I am a stronger man now and that enough of my brain has healed for me to start to understand the new Bevan.  That small piece which lays dormant does not bother me anymore I accept this.

Monday morning as Brian, Anton, Guy and I waited to tee off at the Irene golf course (the awesome foursome were at it again). Brian asked me a simple question. Simple it seemed but that question drove deep and as I tried to answer I had to pause for a while before I spoke.

‘Have you accepted your TBI?’

‘Yes I have.’

I have accepted it I know I have but as it turned out to answer was indeed difficult. Once I answered my mind tried to wonder back in time to revisit the other Bevan-the old Bevan but now there was nothing that Bevan had finally said goodbye. That difficult question as it would seem was a significant turning point in my journey. There would no longer be two of me only one-this one the one I truly know the on that breathes right now, the one that is alive and strong.

Please support my journey-Bevans TBI awareness campaign. My Backabuddy account is active and waiting for donations which will allow me to help others that have fallen to the silent injury a TBI. Both my Backabuddy accounts are active and the funds i can raise will be greatly appreciated.






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