Fifty Strong

Thursday morning 12th September I woke up strong very strong-FIFTY strong. Three days after my fiftieth I will be running a half marathon twenty one kilometers. A few weeks after that I will be running a full marathon the New York Marathon. Team NickleBack will see tomorrow if they are indeed ready to tackle this NYM beast. In my heart I do know that we are all ready to conquer the 42.2 Km. Nick and I will stand on the summit and look down across the valley thinking to ourselves what’s next?

What’s next lol? I am disabled my body is sore right now as I write this post and the greatest thing sitting right before me is another challenge Nick and I aren’t disabled we are just differently able. Differently able indeed! Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

I am feeling so strong and great about life I am proud of myself, proud of what I have done and what I will do in the future. I stood up when I was knocked down stood up and I stand up each morning to take on the challengers of a new day.

In a nut shell I have reached fifty (no clue how but I am there), was brought back to life many, many times, woke from a two month coma, been live on radio, been on the cover of a runners magazine with a two page article about me. Run many, many half marathons, run the New York Marathon, cycled the 94.7 cycle challenge and I have written a book. There have been many other high points in my life since that bad day which was nearly my end I have to really think hard of all the great things I have done.

My life challenge is to make people aware of a TBI what it does to one but most importantly what it does to those close to the injured. How this silent injury hurts those close to us harder much harder than how we have been hurt.

Good luck team NickleBack for tomorrow let’s run close to each other (Nick!!!!) this means you and let us finish strong. We will finish strong and we will finish stronger in New York to show the world that a brain injury is just that an injury.

Nick you and I take every challenge in out stride we will have to work hard for this one but I know we will knock it flat Let’s kick ass team NICKLEBACK.


Please remember donations to my backabuddy account will be going to my TBI awareness campaign. Thank you for your support

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