Hello Pops Good to See You


Wednesday morning I catch the bus down to visit my dad on his farm in Hoedspruit. We drive through the tunnel after a windy slow drive down the Lowveld side I shout out Yee haa. We are here I see my good friend the Jean-Jeanie standing at his car ready to collect.

Tonight I will stay at Jean’s place in the morning we will head out to my dad. Jean and my dad are building a new holiday home close to his place on Balule so they see each other each day which is awesome for me I can see both of them daily whilst I’m here.

As we walk into the house I see what I think should be my dad-it is him but a different version a sixties version. My dad’s hair is now long-very long I shout out “who brought back Mr Sixties”, we all laugh. I am really excited to see him we shake hands and chat.

How long will it take for the two of us to rip body parts from each other I am now thinking as my dad is like a bag of nails-hard as hell? I think I will leave his legs and hip alone as those are basically metal too hard to rip off and they could hurt as I rip.

We sit and chat at the table then we move outside, then here then there we chat and chat and laugh and chat. Three days go by and the thoughts I had aren’t going to happen here. This is my dad and as rough and hard as steel I make him out to be it doesn’t matter he is just that my dad.

Mid-morning I lay down for a while soon though I hear the buzz of the ice machine. I hear the falling of ice into the tray it sounds as if an iceberg rolled from the heavens to crush us. I know why because if I do not wake right now the sound of the sixties child shall break through the walls to rob me of more sleep. He shall stand before me and tell me of the rolling of the iceberg and that I should pour us a ‘doppie’ before we are crushed!

It’s okay pops I got this. Another day on Drakensig and I pour us a drink there are no time constraints here so a ‘doppie’ may occur whenever the ice machine sounds…or doesn’t.

You can rest Ange for  a whole week Ange wow! Take this time and enjoy my love.

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