Four Strong

Tattooed on my fore Arm across my scar is a date-12815 today is that day the day of my accident four years ago. I would have been sitting with my mom and dad enjoying a lunch and time together. Later in the afternoon i would be well let’s just say not doing too well.

I don’t want this day be a reminder of all the bad that happened i want it to be a reminder that it is because of that day that i get to do so much more. That does sound silly but i believe many of us don’t appreciate how great an ordinary day can be i suppose that is normal. We get up in the morning get to work grind through, complete everything we need to and back home for dinner. Wake up tomorrow and do it all again through the week until Friday gives us freedom to start relaxing and allowing us to unwind perhaps by reading this you may enjoy the day a little bit more knowing that an ordinary day is a great day.

Today i can see the tattoo and i can say wow i got through that really bad day i also know that there will be other difficult days it is okay i will get through those too. I will enjoy the good ones and i will fight hard to get through the rough ones.


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