Golf Day the Awesome Foursome

What to do on Friday-play golf of course not just anywhere but at the royal Johannesburg. As Brian Anton Guy and myself walked onto the tenth tee we had one plan in mind only one; finish before the sun goes down. A few hours later we smashed the Royal Golf course in record time not one two ball passed us this is a new foursome record. we did have carts compliments of Brian which is necessary otherwise we will defiantly finish a few days after teeing off.

After a taxify drive to where my money would take me and a walk of a few kilometers to complete the trip from Fourways i would get to the practice greens two hours before we would tee off half past six i was working hard on trying to get one ball into a hole. a few hours would go by when i decided to sit and have a coffee whilst i waited for the others. My budget for coffee and whatever else i would need would be R 50-00. Well as it would be a black coffee is over 50 % of my budget oh well i think this is just fine i must spoil myself every now and then. I have become super good at spending a little and getting a lot more in return since my accident.

As i sit wondering when the rest will get there i see Brian arrive yee haa i think i am not alone anymore he sorts out our 8:30 tee off time and joins me for coffee as we wait for Guy and Anton to arrive. Today Guy and myself will as always challenge Anton and Brian but today it will be a skins game. I check my budget and i am okay if Guy and myself lose every hole we will be a staggering R 18-00 in arrears. Brian paid for my coffee so i still have my fifty.

We start the game and what a day not in the way we have all improved in chasing a white ball but in the way we can enjoy each others company in a day out of the office on the golf course. Thank you so much Brian, Anton and Guy for an amazing day.

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