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A couple of days ago i get a call from my dad it’s time he says let’s get this book printed. I am ecstatic not only because my book will finally be printed after it has sat dormant for so long but also that i can hold a copy and see it for myself. I can now stop trying to figure out how to print it before i get to the New York Marathon or more like remembering that i have actually written a book.

My dad told me many months ago that he has priced to on a small project that could materialize if it happens he will be able to finance the printing. That project was put on hold many times but now through the help of my good friend the Jean Jeanie it has started. I now have a picture in my mind as i walk past a table and on the corner lies a book. My Broken Brain by Bevan Oschger wow!

I don’t know how i managed to write a book yes i do know that i write a lot now. I also think that my brain has rewired itself which in some way is a reality. My dads friend Jerry who helped edit my book says that we all have gifts in us which we do not know about or understand. They lie dormant somewhere until we make use of them until we bring them to life.

I don’t have a publishing company that is putting all the small pieces of my book together but i do have Ange and i know what ever the outcome the result will remain the same this is that i have indeed written a book and i can now hold it in my hands and say to myself well done. Thank you dad for this when i next see you i will give you a copy which i know you will read proudly.

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