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In 2017 i was invited to compete in the New York Marathon. I had just started bio kinetics with Justin Jefferies to further the therapy needed for my broken body to heal. Running was a tool he used to stabilize my balance to allow my left hand side to be in tune with my right. After a few weeks of work an opportunity arose-the New York Marathon. Justin is a part of the Achilles South Africa road running disabled team he got in touch with Denis Tabakin (president of Achilles South Africa).

Once they secured my entry Denis had two conditions for me; The first was to complete the marathon which i managed to do after a grueling six hours fifty one minutes. The second was to pay it forward by finding another that also wears the invisible injury that of a TBI. After a year of searching i found that person-Nicholas.

In my first marathon we had to raise sixty five odd thousand rand to get there and back. We managed to raise some forty thousand rand the balance would consist of loans and credit card debts from the bank. These loans would result in many reminders from the banks to pay up Anges debt which we have now done.

As Nicholas and i train along with our guides a large weight sits firmly on my shoulders-how are we going to raise the money needed to get there? I realized for the first marathon to raise money is extremely difficult. I make bangles which i sell for R 50-00 to R 100-00 rand i thought would help to raise the money needed but as it turns out i need to sell many, many of these which is not going too well.

I do know that Ange will be able to loan money from whom ever she did the last time but still we will need help from people i know and friends that have journeyed along with me in my life. I hate asking for money it makes me feel useless and gets me down but i have too i must be able to cross that finish line alongside Nicholas so that he too can reach a dream-reach the summit.

Nicholas climbed Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for the smile foundation. In his attempt as the snow kept blasting he continued forward and up towards the summit. He then stood to rest as he saw the summit peering through the dark clouds but his body now had said enough and gave in. Nick had to turn around and get back to safety at the bottom of the mountain. I was extremely sad when i heard him talk of his attempt in an inspirational speech he gave.

My dream now is to cross that finish line along side him to look into his eyes and to see the brightness of achieving such a great challenge. I always tell him that this time he will reach the summit.

Please help me to get Nick to the summit if all my friends and the people i know donate a hundred rand i will get there. Donate a hundred rand and get a bracelet made by yours truly or donate into my backabuddy account click on the link below.


Oh and please Nick you are not a guide as your shirt says your sister is. With tears in my eyes i ask you Denis please arrange a shirt.

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