Crossroad Ahead  

I’m sure I have been at a cross road standing alone glaring past the present and into what I thought was the future. The picture I now see is what I thought would be the outcome once I take the route I would choose. As I stared the picture then became fuzzy, another picture then appeared this one was as clear as the first. Now I was confused which picture do I choose? Perhaps it was not the future it was our subconscious telling us what we already know but now I could not decide.

The first picture then reappears. Now clearer much clearer that the second but I like the second so what now why are there two anyway? I then go against my gut and choose the second. Days later my life is busted I made a big mistake the other day. That first picture I saw was the one I had to take. I chose the second the one which did not look right but I liked it as it looked better than the first.

I then realise I should have gone with my gut I should have listened to my subconscious. It is now too late I cannot go back I can’t go back and repair that mistake. I can’t repair it but I can make sure I make up for this mistake as I walk further down the road and into the future.

I believe our subconscious has made that decision a long time before we actually make it. This crossroad that we now stand at the decision we need to make. Make it but listen to your gut and choose the clearer picture. Perhaps it is the one less attractive but it is clearer and I believe it is your subconscious showing you the true road you should take.

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