Nelson Mandela day

Mandela Day

1918 on the 18th of July a great man was born and for this reason today I will head towards Sandton. Whichever way gets me there whichever way means a taxi or two total cost will be R26-00. Ange cannot as she must work and an Uber is out of the question our finances are as usual flat. This is just fine I love getting around in a taxi I am safe and I meet many smiling faces.

In my mind the reason I am and always will be safe in a taxi is because of one great man-NELSON MANDELA. I am sure one of his sayings was that all South Africans should be safe wherever they may find themselves in our great country.

Today Headway will treat our emergency guys and Girls at the Sandton fire station. I saw packages being packed yesterday whilst I was at headway once packed they headed off to get to their destination.

I am one of the lucky ones who was brought back to life many, many times by one of these heroes. If that man wasn’t there I would have been a DOA person that found his way to the nearest hospital. No more life left no more air flowing through my body.

Today I can in a small way give back to these great people that choose to put another life before their own. Thank you Madiba for doing what you did for allowing me to travel freely amongst all South Africans. You are and will always be my hero.

To all South Africans open your hearts on this and on every day to give to those that put their lives on the line each day. I am excited to get to my destination I will enjoy every moment of today. Thank you to all of you. Enjoy this most special day.


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