Nelson Mandela Day-Awesome


After what i thought would be a couple of taxi’s and a short walk to the Sandton fire station turned out to be many wrong taxi’s many other adventures and finally a long walk. An adventure i will never forget.. well until tomorrow that is. I eventually get to the Sandton Fire station for Nelson Mandela day where¬†Headway will be¬†hosting a braai with all the nice goodies packages sweets everything will be there to spoil the emergency service personal.

Once i arrive with no shirt and dripping with the results of the long trip i see happiness. I feel the buzz. There are braai’,s cold drinks, cake, packages and many smiles. The kids are being driven around in many of the fire engines the Headway tent is buzzing with excitement wow. The long trip for me has been so worth it i walk to Christine and ask what can i do?

Just relax Bevan grab a worse roll and talk to all the emergency staff they will enjoy what you have to say. I am wearing a white Nelson Mandela shirt which jumped out at me this morning as i dressed. I start talking to all there thanking them for their services also telling my story once i meet one of the many there i ask them to sign my shirt(which i find out later belongs to Ange). Once the day drawa to an end there is no more space on my shirt to be signed.

I am now super tired excuse myself and begin the trip home. I now know which taxi’s to take and i am home safe. As i sit here writing i think what an awesome day. It did take some doing to get there but it was well worth it and i shall do it again next year. To all that helped others on this great day well done.

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