Evaluation Number????? Done

‘Hi i’m Bevan’

‘Yes Bevan i know i have read your file, well parts of it’

‘Are you a head doctor’?

‘Please sit and make yourself comfortable’,

Nothing.. she looks down and writes some words on a notepad i guess that was our chit chat getting to know each other time over. Not much i think what is wrong with her she is so serious. I sit there wondering about the car she drives which i saw in her garage.so i break the silence as she quietly looks down writing. You drive a very nice Maserati i say. Her head rises and her eyes give me this how do you know that glare? Before she can ask i tell here oh i know because i was in your garage. She says but the door is closed i know i say i had to find another way in. this is one of the specialists i have to see for my claim. Hmm nice Bevan you just did what?

A few questions now head my way-fast very fast. Whats this, whats that, when, where, your age, what date did this take place, what, what, what! WTF i tell her i wasn’t prepared for this she then tells me to relax calm down. Calm down i think! you have just blasted with every question known to mankind.

I cry and look up i now see she is finished with her noting down. Everything then changes another person starts talking to me wow is this the same lady? as we sit talking i relax now she is actually so nice. After the question of what are most difficult issues i tell her there are two issues. Mostly that i cannot work and watching Ange walk out the door for work is hard the other is that i am struggling to get to Headway. She knows Headway she then asks why and how many days am i there. I tell her and her answer as i remember is a simple one-you have a brain injury. Your life has changed you need to accept this i know i do as i sit there but when i get home it will all change.

I am then asked to leave her office and asked to call Ange in-oh crap i think. Ange tells me a bit of what the specialist tells her but the one part i do remember is that he will never be able to work again as he used to. I do know this but to hear this from a specialist is difficult.Well another one down a step closer to closing this door.

For all reading this think of Ange, for me it’s another day yesterday is gone with not much memory to it. For Ange it’s another difficult day with her husband who now cannot be the man she married he has a brain injury.


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