New York Marathon second time around the Book

Sunday morning i am two pages into my follow on book-my first book My Broken brain.I know my first has not even been released yet It has been complete for many months. Due to me not being able to work this has put printing on hold. My dad has told me he will pay for the publishing yee haa winner winner chicken dinner.

Soon now many words which are locked in a computer screen will find themselves on paper in the hands of many. Sixty odd thousand words in fact. Once i re-read my book on Wednesday i was delighted at those strange words which came from me.Wow! Now Sunday morning i realized i have to work on a second. My second is not about my life etc. it is about my next New York marathon challenge this time i will be helping Nick over that finish line. I am paying it forward as Denis told me there are two conditions Bevan;complete the marathon and help get another TBI warrior  over the finish line.

I have started my book it will be based on the marathon, the training the road to New York and crossing the finish line. I decided on this because when i gave an inspiration speech i mentioned that i had indeed completed the marathon every one then clapped. I was taken aback i then cried typical of me and my confused emotions this is the reason on the topic.

I need to start because these memories of the training-the road leading to the marathon are a great part and they are still fresh in my mind. The 2019 New York Marathon is extremely important for Nick and i for so many reasons. I now have to raise funds for Ange and me to get there or the marathon will not even take place.

Once again i see that raising funds for this are and will be a great challenge the hardest challenge for us. Anton, Karen,¬† Bruce and Neil recently donated to my awareness campaign which is so amazing for me. I said to Ange if all the friends i know can help with R 100-00 rand i will get there. That idea seems to not be the case. Doesn’t matter i will get there somehow i have to.

Please help me with my TBI awareness campaign a small donation from many will get us there thank you all so very much.

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