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My Broken Brain the book is done, complete, finito, over, finished, dun,dun,dun. Actually i thought so until yesterday i decided to read it from chapter one. I’m sure i have read it before but i do not remember reading from the beginning . Small bits and pieces are there but not an entire story.

I often talk to people explaining one of the chapters where i am lying still about to die. The grim reaper visits to take me and so i tell the story of what i think i wrote. Now as i reread i am astounded at what i actually write wow i think where do i get this from! I know it is a story perhaps i am adding some exciting reading as neither i or any one actually knows how we go. I do know one thing that the words i write come from somewhere. I also know that deep down there must be some kind of truth to this. I do find myself in tears and sobbing once i read certain bits. Well find out for yourself- read how the reaper bowed his head closed his fiery eyes and walked off into the dark still night leaving me for another time another day.

As i read further there are small bits i correct, not much a few full stops and capital letters here and there. I read a paragraph and feel i must add a piece which i seem to have left out. I then say to myself don’t do that Bevan because a few lines later i have indeed written those very words i now rewrite. Delete, delete, delete.

I am a third into my book and i do feel captivated i do know that most of what i write are stories told to me by family and friends. I can also see that a lot of the stories being as true as i know or hear them to be. I will continue to read  my book although not edited by a professional it does seem quite readable to me. Also people can read it knowing that i do have a brain injury but i am not disabled i am differently able.

My great challenge now is to be able to publish it before i leave for the New York Marathon. I do know that i will find a way i have to.

please remember to donate to my TBI awareness campaign help get me to the NYM. A small donation from many will get me there.


The featured image is part of the Northern Drakensburg called the lions head my accident occurred right below the lion. In my book i write how he opens his eyes to watch over me.

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