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Dennis Tabakin joins the teamĀ  for our second run he is the head coach for Achilles. I know Denis well he is a second father to me. Denis had two conditions when he arranged the impossible by securing my NYM entry; finish the marathon and pay it forward by helping to get another over the finish line.

I have completed both of those conditions. To be able to find another that carries the invisible injury so they will too complete the NYM has been a great challenge. On Saturday the team runs Nick and i smoke our guides we finish far ahead. I run behind Nick i would like to see how he runs and perhaps give my opinion once we have completed the run. I notice Nick runs away from the path many times i tell him to run on the path. Nick once again strays left and is now running over rocks and, and ,and I shout to him wtf Nick we laugh and continue.

I know the run we do is short for now and in truth i am not a coach but i will help to guide him and report back to Denis of how our training is coming on. Nick is strong and so far i know he will cross the finish line. Once we do he would have achieve a great challenge which ordinary people will never be able to-we are not disabled we are differently able.

I am so proud of that man he is my hero he has superpowers greater than all. One day i spoke to Nick i told him what he is doing for his family he is getting them to New York. Nick is confused and tells me it is not him it is me who is getting him and his family there. No i say i chose you for that evening as we attended one of your inspirational talks i was so inspired by your never give up attitude. I then tell him with great emotion how i cried as he spoke as i cried i knew that i have found the man that will get to the end. I told him that i chose him because of who he is and it is him that is getting his family there.

Now as i write this post the tears which stream from my eyes are happy tears and they are tears which inspire me to continue on my journey. I can and i will and i will because i want to. The accident which changed my life gave me a gift the gift was to help others and to never give up. When you read this post think of Nick and how he has never given up. His challenges in life super cede all others who i have met. Well done Nick continue on your path you are strong and you are a great inspiration to others.

Please remember to help us to the NYM a small donation will get us there open your hearts so that another can too reach a dream. Thank you all for the support.


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