Understanding Me

Understanding Me


A TBI is a difficult injury to overcome both for the injured and for the loved ones. I would say in the last year I have come a long way. I personally thought after two odd years after my accidentI had not changed or really suffered from the mincing of my brain.

I thought the only injury I had sustained from my TBI was once a week or so I will experience a headache delivered by the devil himself. The next day there is not much memory of the devils blow. I guess it is payback for my now and then mischievous past.

People I see after a few months comment how better I am. ‘BETTER’ umm yes I say thanks but better is not the case I am who I am. I have become more aware of me and of how I get through the days the little bits-the cognitive issues this is my understanding of ‘BETTER’.

Today I decided to Google TBI to perhaps understand me a little more or to understand the effects a TBI has on one. I do know that every TBI is different (no two alike). As I read the many specialists reports I recognise my affected areas after reading many reports I read a list of the affects this injury has on one.

In a general summary of brain injuries there are a number of changes one will have some are greater than others and every person may be affected differently. The more areas affected generally is related to a greater blow or more severe injury to the brain.

I read the list and scroll down once I recognise an item I write it down. Once I complete the list I count the effects I have sustained. A total of 34 and others not on this list I read this is about 80% of this list. I now know why most of the specialists i have seen tell me i had a severe blow to my brain. According to the scans etc they are quite amazed at my recovery. Many of them say it is a never give up attitude and my fighting spirit.

Wow I think really these injuries i have sustained cannot be right but the more I think about it the more I am agreeing. I now can understand the pressure I place on my Ange and others also my atom bomb theory makes sense. I do know I have changed and I do know I have to relearn basic cognitive issues. This is okay I will relearn life I will make mistakes as we all do and I will try to understand the mistakes I make.

I can relearn about life the way I want to and in an instant when I do not understand or know the answer my life professor is always there he will help me instantly he will have many answers.

Professor Google of course!

PS the featured picture is part of my file-the injuries i have sustained.

Please remember a small donation from many will go a long way towards my TBI awareness campaign.

Thank you



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