I Will Beat the Shit Out of You

I Will Beat the Shit Out of You


Shopping in hand and I am walking home. Shoe I am tired these bags are awkward and heavy to carry. I stop opposite the Douglasdale police station for a rest. As I stand resting a vehicle reverses I see him he is going to hit me, I grab my shopping bags and I jump. One of the bags breaks WTF! He then drives forward and again I am about to get flattened I roll and I slap his rusty car.

Now there is a problem as an atom bomb is loaded into the chamber. He hears as his car is being slapped he stops and rolls down the window. I tell him to look where he is going. He then opens his mouth and the most violent words roll from his tongue.

He then drives across the road and parks in the police station I follow I want to talk and ask why he talks to me in such a disgusting manner. F…you he shouts and walks towards me lifting his hand he tries to hit me but I duck now another atom bomb loads and I fire. I do not fight with my fists but I knock him flat with words.

He walks into an office and disappears. I then walk into the charge office and ask if I am allowed to lay a charge of threat. Yes sir says the duty officer. Who is this man, I do not know him so I walk out and ask the two officers that stood watching the incident as it unfolded.

Oh he is the station commander the two officers say and they laugh. I walk back into the charge office and tell duty officers who it is. The entire officers laugh and ignore me.

I now cannot believe this who does this when this man is a commander how does he try to hit me when he is at fault. He nearly killed me with his vehicle twice!

I will not leave this I am writing to papers I feel buttons.


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