I Can and I Will

I Can and I Will


In life we often fall, get struck down or fail. Every day I fall to the ground some days I fall hard once I have fallen I lay quietly in that position still and hurt. I do not allow the pain of falling hurt for too long I cannot allow pain to stop me from standing up again. I stand up and i dust off that shallow feeling.

Pain is my friend pain and I go back a long way we have traveled through many dark places together. Those cold abyss like depths I have been there I have felt that loneliness and I have felt the many constant blows which knocked me down over and over again and again.

In those dark times I was never really alone pain was there right at my side. Pain was there for one reason not so that I could hurt but so that I could feel life. If I did not feel pain then I would not be alive so whenever I feel pain I know that I am truly alive.

One of my sayings;

I can and I will I will because I want to.

 Sometimes it is extremely difficult to stand up again to wipe away the tears and the realization of that fall it is difficult but we have to we have to stand up and continue on our path. If we do not we fade away turn into dust and blow off into the wind-a cold wind. I sometimes know that I am about to fall the other me tells this me

“Bevan you going to fall”.

Do I listen to the other me, well most of the time I do but every now and then I continue in what I am doing perhaps it is to test this me the one right here right now. When I do fall I try to understand the message; did I not listen to myself, did I fail to see or identify the danger or was I just being stupid and had to fall to really understand life as I now regrow and become?

Maybe, maybe not whichever way it is I still stand up again and again I will stand up to fight and live another day.

I can and I will.

Please help me to the 2019 NYM-Google Backabuddy press on the search icon for Bevan Oschger all donations welcome. The money donated is allowing me to continue on my TBI awareness program. Thank you all for the donations so far to those that do not have much thank you for the help you guys are special. Remember it is not only me you help it is all of us who have fallen to the invisible injury. I am using these donations to highlight the fact that a brain injury is just that and injury. We are not diseased we have just fallen but we stand up to live another day.



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