Feeling Proud

Two years ago i was offered an entry to the New York Marathon-Wow! If i think back now the wow moment then did not seem to be quite as great as it is now. Tomorrow Nick and i along with our guides will run the five km Park run together. This will be our first run as a team, yes i know it is not a marathon just a five km trot but it is a start to the great challenge which lays ahead.

I am excited and  interested on how our first run will go. I am not worried about the finish that will happen in whichever way it happens i am excited to feel the excitement between all of us. I Named our team NickleBack i know spelling etc. is wrong but to me it doesn’t matter its a name which sounds really good(so is the music).

I am writing this post so that i can tell the world how super proud i am not only of Nick but of myself. I say this because i just realized i was given the opportunity to invite another TBI superhero to compete in the New York Marathon and for me to compete in my 2nd. I would like to say that to be able to compete in the NYM is for many around the world a life long dream a dream which seldom becomes a reality. For the two of us the dream became a reality through an email telling us we were accepted. We will be running under Achilles we will show everyone how strong we are and that a TBI will not break us.

Tomorrow team NickleBack will start the epic journey to the NYM summit we will train hard and we will train harder and harder we will train and we will be ready. When we return we shall proudly wear the medal telling all of our journey as Nick will say we will leave our legacy we will make our mark.

Remember i am raising funds for my TBI awareness campaign starting with the NYM getting there is my first challenge please support my cause.



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