A Good Day to be Alive

‘Been there done that got the t shirt’-a saying i hear quite regularly… in my head that is. Today is Friday i am back home from my Bio session at Justin’s practice.I knew i would walk far today as the roads were quiet this morning as Ange drove us, school holidays.

If i am not with Ange i will walk when i get tired i will catch a taxi if there are no taxis and if home is far i call my good friend Nkosi. One hundred odd rand will get me anywhere any time. I met Nkosi some months ago i used to walk to the corner to catch an Uber when needed until i met Nkosi and now i have my own personal driver.

Today though i decided to walk most of the way i just felt like walking so an odd fifteen kilometers later i am home. Once home i must occupy myself until Ange is home from work which could be long for me. What do i do now, let’s see walk to PNP-done that.

Manufacture some beads-done that.

Do some more beads…bored of that.

Watch Netflix-hurts my eyes.

Sleep-done that.

Do something different…like ummm no done that.

Write-okay then i will write so now i write i write a blog. I write some pages in one of my eleven unfinished books, bored, bored and bored some more.

I get why people work so that boredom will not eat them up and spit them out in tiny slithers and unrecognizable bits. Well i will not become an unrecognizable bit or a slither but work is kind of out of the question. I will find something to do there is plenty for me to do just need to find that thing. This could be fun it will be fun i know it will besides it is a great day outdoors so i will get out and practice some golf.

The best part of today is that Ange can soon forget about the difficult week and enjoy the weekend. It is quite amazing that even though i do not work i still can feel the buzz of a Friday. Any day is a great day to be alive but Fridays stand above all others.Goodbye week hello weekend.

See you soon Ange

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