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Recently i restarted my computer and in so doing this i wiped off most programs. In other words i basically killed my computer. Bernadette a neighbor of ours helped me to reload its brain similar to me it had to be re-booted.

Now a couple of weeks later i write again Yay! I cannot believe how bored and lost i have been. My laptop is my connection to the outside world it’s a daily way of life for me so when i killed it i lost out on a lot.I did write but i couldn’t post my writings for some reason paper doesn’t seem to attach itself too well to the Web.

My kids gave me a couple of diary type books to write in some three years ago and the last few weeks i made good use of them. I wrote to keep myself busy but writing for me as i discovered is extremely difficult to do. My hand was damaged in the accident and after a fer paragraphs it freezes up i restart writing with my left hand which works just fine-weird that i can now write with my left hand-it’s a brain thing. Typing again is so much easier for me during the time away from my laptop a lot has happened. The New York Marathon is coming fast before i can complete it i need to raise money.

We were able to pay the first installment for the NYM thanks to help from donors we could. Ange and i need to raise anotherĀ  sixty odd thousand for the NYM to happen which is a great deal of money. If i can raise a small amount from many i can get there, this sounds easy enough but i assure you it is not.

Raising money is difficult i would say it is the most difficult part of completing the NYM with Nick I know Nick and i will get over that finish line. Before we do that we have to get there. There are so many different variables for me to do i get confused and mostly forget to do what i have to do.

I will keep trying i have to try, try, try. I am asking everyone reading this to please help get me there a small donation from many will do it. Click on the link below it will take you to my Backabuddy account a small donation will be amazing.

Thank you.

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