Why do You Stare at Me

I walk through the lounge as i walk i see you staring, those amazingly deep blue eyes as if locked on it’s target just waiting for me to do what you want me to do. You don’t even ask in truth you don’t speak at all we never speak. We lay next to each other close very close but still you do not say a word. I think you are using me i feed you, i clean you i look after and protect you i chase the horrible ones away that scream and shout as they lunge towards you knocking you down. I am the one that picks you up time and time again. There are two of you almost identical but i know both of you except in the dark. In the dark i cannot tell.

A few sentences can be extremely deceiving if told in the wrong context or if one does not know the one i am talking about. If one does know that person they will know i do not talk of her in this way. The one that lays on the right side of me and snuggles up close to touch and feel my heart beating is the love of my life-my Ange. The other that is always on my left is my cat Vader.

We have two amazing cats they are identical except the one is slightly darker than the other. I have named them many times but tomorrow i forget their names time and time again. I now call both of them Vader the one will only snuggle up to Ange the other follows me wherever i go.

When we moved back to Riverglades we know that we are only allowed one cat so we had to make a plan we cannot get rid of one of them who would we choose to be sent off. Ange made a plan she walked to the office and told the manager these two are my companions i need them they are my support.

I have never pulled the disabled card i will not i am not disabled i am differently able. Now though Ange says we are pulling that card we cannot separate the twins. They are my support says Ange my husband has a TBI please allow us to keep both of them.

Ange smiles as she returns to say we can keep both our cats. Besides they are twins and whilst the one will walk and adventure out the other stays right at my side. I do not think anyone knows there are two the one is a bit over weight and he is always staring at me for more food but i have him on a diet plan and he gets enough food. I will not allow his blue eyes to manipulate me.

I love our kitties and in a way they are my support.

A small donation from many will allow me to pay it forward. Help me to now get another to New York to complete the grueling marathon i know Nick will do it. Click on the link below and search for Bevan Oschger.


Thank you.



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