Sign of the Times

Below is a version of Harry Styles’s Sign of the Times sung by my good friend Jason please have a listen.

A while ago Jason came to visit as we sat in our lounge playing on my dilapidated guitar i asked him to please play a song my dear mom really loved My mom had just left us to continue on her adventures elsewhere. Sure he says what is the song? Harry Styles-Sign of the Times i say. Huh! don’t know it(the song had just been released). Anyway Google has the solution so we sit and listen to the song. F… he says this is a monster really difficult i don’t know but i will try. After a few attempts the version below is the outcome.

Understand that this is being played on an acoustic guitar in my lounge recorded on a cell phone. If you listen carefully you will hear the words are all wrong Jason didn’t know them too well so he just winged it. I don’t know how he does this he is truly amazing.

Why now do i remember this song and my mom well whilst walking home from bio i get tired i am sore so i will now catch a taxi. A few moments later i hear my mom talking to me-giving up she says that’s not like you…silence just like that she’s gone. Okay mom i will walk and i walk eventually i am home and i am strong.

I now play my moms song as i sit and listen i know she listens too and i know she is enjoying this special moment. I miss you mom you don’t call anymore but we still talk and that is just perfect.

Love you more than all the stars


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