Southern Cross

Think about how many times i have fallen spirits are using me, larger voices calling.. when you see the southern cross for the first time you understand why you came this way… and my love is an anchor tied to me, tied with a silver chain… these are a few words taken from this amazing song.

Ange and i are on our way to Bio on Friday morning early-very early before the sun rises. As we drive over a rise i see the sun peering out from the other side of the earth. That most amazing sight it is here to greet us to tell us that everything will be okay. Today is here and i am alive and strong. Wow i think what an amazing sight.

As the sun appears the Southern cross plays on the radio which is now full blast. I had forgotten about this song i have been graced for it has been recovered from that dark place-the abyss my abyss.Now as the music plays and the sun is filling my sole with new life my emotional side appears and my eyes fill with water i cry and i cry, a deep cry i cannot breath i am not sad i am happy very happy.

As in life all good things come to an end they come to an end so that in the future new happiness may appear and once again fill your heart with joy. My happiness and my tears disappear as the song fades sadness now strikes me full force. I remember that i fell hard and my life has changed i was broken and gone from the me that i once was.

Once i regained consciousness from my coma the new Bevan was here the old Bevan had died. Now i have to make new memories but now i will create good memories i can and i will i will because i want to. We all fall in one way or another we all have to restart reboot ourselves if we do not we may never see that amazing sunrise in a way that fills us with happiness and good spirit.

If we do not wake up and leave the dark memories of a bad day behind us how then can we create new great ones. I will not sit in the corner of a cold room, hide under the blankets and cry because i fell. I will stand up each and every morning happy that i am alive happy that i can see a new sunrise and that i may appreciate the power of life it brings.

Be happy feel the new life bringing rays of the sunrise and hear those wonderful songs and may they bring joy to your heart.

Peace out.

I have a new mission now i need to get to the 2019 New York Marathon not only for me but for those who also have fallen. i must get there and allow this to give back to society. I am paying it forward as my coach Denis Tabakin asked me too.

When it gets too hard its never hard enough.


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