How Much Are You Short?

Today as i got out of bed my mind was noisy once again now i had to silence it. I was the only one that could quieten the buzzing not that Bevan not the other Bevan only this Bevan. Just one decision was all it took to silence the buzz, buzz, buzz i was going to do what i had wanted to do a while ago.

Today is Wednesday and today i am going to my rehab center. Headway is my happy place it is where i have many friends it is where i can grow. I haven’t been to Headway for a long time i have had to fight off my demons-my fears. My TBIĀ is not only my injury it is Anges too, actually it affects Ange more than what it affects me. I Don’t have to be at Headway no one forces me to go it is my choice but i have missed everyone there so much. I want to go so that Ange can once again see her husband get stronger and stronger. I know i am strong and i know that i will continue to get stronger without getting to Headway. I know this but i enjoy Headway i enjoy seeing, feeling, absorbing and giving whilst i am there.

I get to Headway i know i am late it’s okay i am here i have come today to visit and to tell all that i will be back again next week. As i walk through the gate i can’t help but stick my head through the open window where a class in in progress. Once a class is in progress no one should disturb…umm okay i try to be quiet but i cannot. Walking through the door i am greeted with amazing smiles and warm hearts wow i feel so good right now why have i waited so long i wonder to myself.

I hug and speak to friends i then talk to Christine about returning on a weekly basis. Of course says Christine we have been waiting for your return. I leave the office to head home but first i disturb another class i have to i cannot leave without greeting all from my favorite class. Tina greets me with a smile i tell all that i will be back next week and off i go.

Two hours later i am a few kilometers from home i stop to buy cigarettes but i am short. Oh well all good i don’t need or want to smoke now so i leave as i get out the door a man calls to me he says how much am i short? He offers to help me with the short fall, wow i can’t believe that a total stranger would offer to pay what i am short. I decline his offer and give him a bangle as thanks for offering. We start to talk and i tell him my story

a while later we shake hands and go on our way. I am a lucky man lucky that i can talk to strangers and be comfortable in doing so or lucky that someone hasn’t beaten the crap out of me yet. What a great day at the office.

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