Zebra Crossing

Ange and i are up early this morning today is going to be both special and difficult for me. Once again Ange has to get me to another specialist for yet another evaluation. Before we get to the specialist we will be going to an awesome place, i say awesome as i will be surrounded by special people.Not only will there be many special people we will be surrounded by my dear moms favorite animals-Zebras.

As i sit quietly whilst writing this post there are sixteen Zebbies behind me, around me they appear all over looking this way and that. They are around all of us but as they appear no one actually notices them no one it seems but me. I know why they are used to the animals that appear around them. They are used to them as they see them each and every day. We are not in the bush this morn we are at Anges work she must get in and complete at least some of her work before she can once again take another day off as she has to get me to where i need to be. Ange must drive  me as i cannot drive anymore and taking an Uber is just becoming too expensive.

Ange will not allow me to go alone she will be there to answer all those invasive questions directed at me. I cannot answer these questions i cannot as i do not really understand them. Ange has to as she has always done in the past also if i am there alone all hell will break loose and she will have to get there in anyway as i will be locked up in some cold, small room.

This morning as we enter the building i jump off at the pedestrian entrance i have to as i need to sign in as a visitor Ange will park and meet me down stairs! Please babes she says we will walk in together my big boss is there and you must behave yourself. Of course i will i get to the reception desk i don’t even have to sign in as they all know me well. Of course i don’t wait for Ange i am in her office and every one greets me. I love this place the people here are special for me. They know me and they know all about Anges difficulties as she is the one mostly affected by my TBI. I do not get out of the house often and when i do no one knows me or that i carry the invisible injury-once  i tell all i meet they tiptoe around and i become the elephant in the room.

Thank you so very much to all of you guys that spend your days with my special lady giving her so much. Being able to see all of you is the highlight of my week.


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