Bargaining with God

Ange and i are watching Grey’s Anatomy there is a person lying in a coma. After a long while all the friends have left but one. She is still waiting for the loved one to wake father time has ticked on he doesn’t care for the one lying quietly connected to noisy machines. He doesn’t but that single loved one does in my case it was Ange sitting right at my side. Away from work she would sit there each day and night until the staff would chase her away tell her that she had to rest to recharge she had to look after herself.

The next morning long before the sun woke and overpowered the darkness, long before the day staff would arrive Ange would once again be at my side. Ange was not there alone though she had back up she had brought God along he was right there at her side. So now the bargaining would once again begin please God please, please just bring him back she would say. If he can just open his eyes i will do …. I think Ange Bargained each day long into the night.

I am talking about this because whilst watching Grey’s i see the loved one asking God for everything under the sun bargaining and offering the world for that moment for one moment for the loved one to just open their eyes. They suddenly do as they do i burst out in tears wow! Ange turns to see what is the problem whats going on with me she then asks am i crying in Grey’s? I am but i do notice that Ange is very quiet lying next to me. Ange then tells me how she bargained with God each and every day. Every day there were different proposals and many more pleases-many more.

Ange tells me how difficult it was for her asking and bargaining with God. I ask Ange what did she ask for, her response doesn’t come and it will not come after a while she says that is between her and God. Wow i think and once again i start to cry. What now says Ange-crying again? I then tell her that i do not and will not ever understand all the difficult times she went through. I now know that it was her hurt and it was her pain that brought me back and so once again i start to cry.

Dear God…Please, please.

Thank you.


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