That Me, This Me and the Other Me

Three Bevans wow that could be bad-real bad.

In truth i see three of me also i talk to the other two on a regular basis so i am certain we are three. Ange and many others also know or knew of the other Bevan. Ange and others also know about the me now and the other me.

‘That me’ was the man before the accident (the little memories i have left of ‘that Bevan’).

‘This me’ is me the man i understand and know the man others see but don’t really know or understand.

‘The other me’ is another form of this me a different me-a confused me.

So work that out when you drunk or even sober, or try be me and try understanding the three of us at any moment. At times i think i am just fine in fact not at times most of the time. An example of one of my other me’s; I have been walking two or three hours when i start thinking to myself how great i am feeling and how “normal” i feel. Just then the ‘other me’ will start to question my thoughts.

“are you joking”.

He says.

“you do know that for the last hour or so we have had many discussions about whatever passes through your conscious mind you and me yes Bevan you have been discussing life with you”.

Now what do i do…nothing i keep on walking as calm and happy as i am just me and the others.At  this point i get it i am just me all three in one shell for a few moments just a few moments. I can now remember my road as far back as being released from the hospital i can remember bits of yesterday i can remember all the mountains i have climbed. I say i remember but i guess i would love to remember many details all i know is that i am alive and i am here. There are times I would like that me to return but then again that me has gone and will never be back…ever. Anyway this me and the other me have accomplished so much more in life i don’t think i would want that me back.

I am me i am Bevan. I am alive i have been given the opportunity to show all that a brain injury is just that-an injury.


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