The Jean Jeanie

A couple of weeks ago i call my good friend Jean or as i call him the ‘Jean Jeanie’ (after one of my fav. David Bowie songs) i tell him i will be there on the Sunday. Can he fetch me from the bus stop? Of course my buddy-o-pal just say when and i will be there.

A week later i am on my way i catch Ashton’s tours, the bus journey so far has been quick as i sleep most of the way. There are special requirements which the driver has concerning me. I am disabled and sit in front i can lean the chair back and sleep as travelling long distances is a nightmare for me.Jean tells me to call once we approach the JG Strydom Tunnel this way he can drive to collect me; from that call for us seeing each other is about an hours drive away.

The five hour trip so far has been quick but now the last 45 min or so is taking forever. As we drive through the tunnel Jean calls me he says i must ask the driver to drop me off at the Blyde 1-stop fuel station some twenty kilometers away. I ask but the driver shows me his special requirement list; i am to be dropped off at the collection point indicated by Ange only, sorry i tell Jean the driver won’t he has specific instructions.

Moments later after Jeanie instructs me to just give my cell to the driver they are negotiating. The driver then tells me he will drop me where Jean asked him to as his name is on the form, he is the only person instructed to collect me we will pass the Blyde stop soon he says but he will only drop me if Jean is there and introduces himself.

As if in slow motion we start our descend down the last rise, there he is the JEAN JEANIE! I am back to spend time with my great friend my buddy-o-pal. We can spend a day and night trying to raise money for my awareness campaign. What a good friend

Above Jean would visit me in Johannesburg early into my recovery-yes i don’t think we had slept too much

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