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Raising money for a good cause is an amazing feeling. The Wings for Life marathon is a fundraiser to raise money for those that have sustained a spinal injury. All over the world at the same time whether it be 1 am or 6 pm the siren is sounded for the start of this marathon. In South Africa we started our run at 1 pm.

This marathon has no set distance, once the runners are off a vehicle will follow as it passes the runner they have to stop and their race is over. My goal was to reach 10 km two years ago I reached 9.3 km. I have not run a race since the NYM I have been walking but this is not the same. Ange and I left the house I have checked that I have everything but in my heart I do know something is missing.

We arrive at the venue I am super excited I am part of Justin’s TNT team we all have our kit on and we are ready to go. I run well for the first 3 km my goal is still on but now I hit a stumbling block. I know what I have left behind the most important, my inhaler I know this as my lungs tell me okay Bevan that’s it. My lungs were damaged by the machine which kept me alive as i lay in a coma now my 10 km goal just became 5 km.

I walk a bit to try getting my lungs in shape as I walk I tell my lungs to swallow some cement and harden the f… up. I cannot walk so i start running again shortly I see a sign it says 5 km yee haa now I have to make six then seven then eight. As I get across the eight km mark I hear shouting from behind here come the cut off van.

I see a bridge ahead and I estimate it is about the 10 km mark so I gap it and I run-run forest run. I am broken but I continue I tell myself-when you think it’s getting too hard it’s never hard enough. The cut off car stops me I have not reached the bridge but the official shouts out’ 9.5 km! I have bettered my last time I am ecstatic I did it without running since the NYM I tell myself well done.

I get back to the tent where the TNT team are celebrating with a beer my amazing wife is there. I can see Ange is proud of me she is super excited. As we sit and wait for the rest of the team to return (which could take a while as last year one of our team mates was second in the race) we talk and drink some beer we are all excited and are having a good time.

Without warning a stranger walks over to our table she greets us and talks with great emotion to me. I don’t know who she is but she certainly knows who I am I know this as I spoke to every person which I passed or who passed me. I spoke continuously I think if I did not talk I would have a lot more energy and therefore get more distance under my belt. This unknown lady has come to thank me she says-what I think what did I do why thank me? Well it turns out that for three years or so she has tried to reach the eight kilometer mark but each time she has fallen short not today though as Bevan has arrived and he is not leaving until she reaches her goal.

I am taken aback due to the fact that I do not remember her. Apparently I stuck with her and pushed her until she got to that unreachable goal her magical eight kilometers. Well now I know why I did not reach my goal of ten kilometers which is just perfect because putting another first is an amazing feeling. Giving is an amazing feeling one which since my accident I have been blessed with.


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  1. You’re an amazing inspiration to so many more people than you may realize (or remember) Bevan! Congrats on beating your previous distance!

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