Everything Will Be Okay

Everything Will Be Okay

Whatever has taken you down today however tough, hard or emotionally stressful whichever difficulties broke you today tomorrow the sun will still rise and life will continue. Perhaps your entire life changed yesterday or it was a simple hurdle you could not overcome. It does not matter now all that matters is that today is today live it as best as possible.

Some could say how do I know that everything will be okay I don’t but I live by this saying and I believe in it. Look at me after my accident I was brought back to life many, many times awoke from a two month coma and I now live with a TBI. I cannot work or drive and blah, blah, blah the list goes on I do not bother about that depressing list anymore. It is what it is and I am how I am.

I have many daily challengers and this is okay I can handle the difficulties I am faced with. I handle these difficulties because I know that they are for me to deal with. As I overcome one the next is upon me in an instant why stop I say bring them on. I say this because in my silent mind the saying “everything will be okay” plays over and over again.

Daily challengers aside I now have two great challengers before the 5th of November. The first being that big one which is to raise funds for this year’s NYM. Ange has set up the Backabuddy account for donations. I am busy making my beaded bracelets and my tree of life symbols which I try to sell but it is not too often that I actually sell one. Usually I have left them at home or just forget that this is what I am trying to do work wise to bring in a living-my memory difficulties.

My second challenge is to arrange the publication of my book I am so close now. Once done it could mean a small income for me I can’t wait.By clicking on the link below it will take you to my Backabuddy account. Please help get me to the New York Marathon.


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