So Sorry Ange

So Sorry Ange

Lying next to Ange in our comfortable bed I could feel the pain streaming through her body. I heard her soft groans Anges tummy was hurting. Are you okay babes I say? I’m sore she says I tell her I am sorry and I rub her stomach a bit. I then think as I lie there why am I sorry I didn’t do anything why say sorry?

As I lay pondering and trying to figure out this strange word I cannot understand and so the more I think about it the more it confuses me. Sorry means when you have done something wrong or maybe hurt someone then one is sorry is that not right. The next morning my mind is still trying to figure this new meaning of sorry out. Truthfully I have no clue why saying sorry to someone is how the word is used. Eventually I ask Ange there is a simple answer returned-quickly; to say sorry says Ange means you are thinking of them and you are sorry for their pain.

Okay I am now not satisfied and I recon I will never be. Maybe this is why I need to still attend Headway. There are many words which are strange to me so many I cannot count I just accept that their meaning has been decided and that It’s how it is.

Strange that a simple word will bring so much unwanted amount of frustration. I do understand that I have to relearn certain aspects of the simple parts of life. My neuro surgeon did say as he tried to explain the damage which was done to my brain in the simplest way as possible. This was that I am a forty six year old man with the brain of an infant.

I do know I am not an infant but I also accept the simple way he explained my injury. I accept this as I do battle with these words and many others.


And why the chocolate Easter bunny ?????

Please remember I am raising money for the NYM.  Bevans TBI awareness campaign Help get me to New York.

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2 thoughts on “So Sorry Ange

  1. Bevan…. that is very harsh and insensitive of that Neuro! you DO NOT have the brain of an infant!! of course you don’t! find another neuro!
    sure there are things not right and need some work, but you are and act like a 46 year old:)
    we all say sorry, without thinking about it and what it really means. you are not wrong, but you are wasting energy and knocking yourself by worrying about it.
    i hope Ange is feeling better and you can find the courage to get back to Headway. They miss you there!

    • Hi Robyn thank you for the comments i am back at Headway now. sorry for the late reply i have over 26 000 comments so i get lost in them but i am trying to read them all. I miss all at headway too i just had to fight off my own demons.

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