Well I say to the many that ask me

“I am still in training”.

Around my left ankle I wear two beaded ankle bracelets they are red and white. Red and white because I like the colors, on my left ankle well I have no clue but it fit there. I made too big for my wrist and my right ankle is swollen from my accident so the left it would be.

A while ago whilst walking home from wherever an African man knelt down before me and asked for a blessing. I had no freaking clue what he was on but true to me I gave him a blessing. I told him he needed to go to that person he had hurt and apologise then the good spirits shall bring him happiness. I only said this as he seemed to have a swollen eye and to me it seemed he had done something wrong. The man then stood up excitedly and he said I shall do that immediately.

Why the heck would he ask me though…strange. This continued for a long time until I found out from my good friend Jason that by wearing a red and white ankle bracelet it meant (in the African culture) that I am indeed studying the art of becoming a Sangoma. We laughed and we laughed this now made sense.

I now give many I meet that ask a blessing I tell them that they should not live with a heavy heart and that they should give a smile to all they meet even their enemies. They are grateful and smile. Can that be so wrong to tell all that ask to be happy about life and to forgive their enemies? I don’t believe so. I shall continue to train to become a Sangoma to become a man someone can get something from even if it is to just tell them that life is great. I know this as I am alive so perhaps I am a white man that can give some good advice.

A Sangoma in training I like that.

Click on the link below for donations to my cause. The NYM is part of my TBI awareness program.

One hundred rand from many will go a long way.

Thank you for all the support

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