she Listens but Does She Hear

She listens but Does She Hear

Yesterday I am off to the bank to give the manager a talking to-a proper one. My ABSA app doesn’t want to work for the second month now. I get to the bank and the queue is too long. There are probably about five people or so which is far too long for me, no patients at all. I huff turn around and I’m out of there.

This morning I walk the 2KM again I get into the bank and the queue is even longer. Oh well I’ll wait there is a seat open. I start talking to this sweet lady she is about seventy I talk and I talk she also talks as I allow her to get a word or two in. She asks me a lot of questions about my accident and recovery and all the bits which accompany a brain injury.

I do not mind talking about me after all this is my new mission in life; to make people aware of a TBI and to show all that just because I am disabled and have a brain injury I am as ordinary as you are. We talk and we talk and eventually the phrase “shame poor you” Streams from her lips. I get this it is a normal reaction from everyone I do get it but now I am loaded. I really can’t stand the shame poor you phrase as I am alive and I love life.

After her ‘nice’ comment I ask her how her life has been. After several moments of thought she says.

“It’s been ok nothing special”.

I then think to myself shame poor you I place my atom bombs back in the storage compartment and I then ask her well what it she is waiting for. Typical of me straight to the point are you waiting to die first? After I say this I think oops that is maybe not the right comment to say to this nice lady but it’s now too late to take back.

Well I get the reaction I am actually waiting for. She then starts telling me about all the items on her bucket list which she has not been able to do yet because of bla, bla, bla-the usual no time etc. Next moment her husband sits down next to me and she tells him that today we are going to do… She then says tomorrow we are going to do… and she says we are going on that trip we have wanted to do our whole life. The husband cannot get a word in as she cuts him down. She then asks him is he waiting to die first.

They say goodbye stand up to leave she them smiles to me, winks and whispers thank you.

What a great day to be alive

A small R 100-00 donation from many will help me to the NYM where i can continue my TBI awareness program. Please click on the link below for a donation.




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2 thoughts on “she Listens but Does She Hear

  1. wow Bevan… what an amazing story:) you have just made a positive influence on someones life. well done!
    BTW why are you not at Headway these days? making that positive influence??

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